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What our clients are saying.
Sarah and Derek
January 26, 2019, Barrie, Ontario

Paul was absolutely fantastic!!! Our wedding was so perfect and a huge part of that was because Paul got the party started, for sure. Our guests loved his individual approach to song requests and the fact that he was loving the party, himself! He helped my husband and I out so much by making sure all aspects of the day ran smoothly - I would recommend Paul to anyone looking for a DJ and more!!

Deidre and Matt
July 13, 2019, Coldwater, Ontario

We had the pleasure of having Paul as our DJ for our wedding this past Saturday July 13th! First things first... if you haven’t hired him yet, get on that now!I’m so amazed at his professionalism, his fun wonderful personality which keeps that party going. All our guests absolutely loved him, I’m still getting texts, messages, calls etc just applauding him on the entire night! Next party we throw you can bet he’ll be there for it!!

Justine and Adam
May 25, 2019, Muskoka, Ontario

My husband and I got married May 25th, 2019 and we cannot say enough nice things about DJ Paul from NightStyle Disc Jockeys. Prior to the wedding, DJ Paul was great with communication. The forms he had us fill out were really detailed so that our wedding day was perfect. DJ Paul was our MC and boy did he play the crowd and kept everyone on the dance floor all night long!! During the ceremony, he had everything cued up perfectly so it was seamless. If you are looking for a DJ, we recommend you contact him because he is AMAZING! We’re so thankful that we chose him for our special day!!

Claudia and Luke
September 15, 2018, Parry Sound, Ontario

Paul was our wedding DJ this past September. Overall, he was fantastic!!!!!! He kept the party alive and kept people on the dance floor, which is all I could ask for. He really made it a party and everyone was impressed - people of all ages!! He was super passionate about what he was doing and just a plain good, nice guy to work with. No issues had at all.I would highly recommend using Paul for your event or wedding! It was so much fun and I wish I could live the day over and over again. Music is so important and he killed it!!!

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We have put together the ultimate wedding DJ package with out most requested items. This one includes everything needed for a great reception. No add-on's, no hidden fees. Perfect for a small intimate gathering to the largest ballroom event.

Highly experienced DJ/MC who will be dressed appropriately for the event.
Event coordination with your caterer, photographer, and other vendors.
LED dance floor lighting package.
Professional DJ services that meet and exceed your expectations.
Premium quality wireless microphones available for your use.
Full set of back-up equipment readily available the night of your event.
Pre-wedding discussion with your DJ to outline all of the details.
A DJ/MC who will make any announcements you have.
Requests taken all night long.
A huge selection of music that is sure to fill the dance floor.
Premium sound system delivering outstanding sound quality.
A DJ You Can Count On.
Events That Everyone Keeps Raving About.
Unforgettable Moments.
DJ/MC Specialists.
Let's Talk Music.
Timeless 'End of The Night' Party Hits

This is it.  Your event has come to a point where your guests will soon be saying good night.  Everybody wants the party to continue ... but in good fashion, all good things must come to an end.  Supercharging the dancefloor with the greatest fist pumping hits is something we love to do. This climactic finale energizes the crowd, brings the house down, and spurs the all so common chant 'one more song'.  The “end of night music” holds that power. To a DJ, there is no greater compliment than an audience response with great enthusiasm, celebrating, and clapping of hands.

We have chosen 10 amazing 'end of night' songs for you to enjoy.  Songs that elevate your event to the next level leaving everybody asking for more.

  • Home For A Rest - Spirt of The West
  • I Want You To Want Me - Cheap Trick
  • You Make Me Wanna Shout - Lloyd Williams
  • Don’t Stop Believin’ - Journey
  • Club Can’t Handle Me - Flo Rida
  • Hey Ya! - Outkast
  • Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC
  • Time Warp - Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Rock This Town - Stray Cats
  • Ballroom Blitz - Sweet
Does The Music Need To Be Loud?

We all have our favourite road anthems that need to be turned up when we are enjoying a carefree moment.  There is just something about pushing the volume a little louder.  But when is enough?  When we are alone there seems to be no limit. However, when out at a social engagement there is always a point where the music is just too loud.

There are many aspects of the right volume that need to be considered when attending a wedding or special event. This will be a time for socializing as well as enjoying the entertainment. Many people have found they need to raise their voices when the music is too loud. It is the job of the DJ or entertainer to monitor the sound level and make the appropriate adjustments. Checking the sound before and during the function is something to stay on top of. As the room fills up with people and the chatter of conversations heightens, the sound will change. When all eyes are on the bride and groom as they step onto the dance floor for their first dance, the sound will change. At the end of the night with the energy in the room is at its limit, the sound will change. 

Adjusting the sound is actually a simple process. Regular and frequent 'sound checks' are a must. Secondly, understanding the sound frequencies along with the room acoustics are equally important. A room filled with thick tapestry and sound adsorbing upholstered chairs or a room designed with concrete walls and floor will each have specific sound frequencies that need to be adjusted. With a few simple sound adjustments the volume may be loud but the guests will not notice as they can carry on with their conversation without the music overpowering them.  

Professional sound is often overlooked when hiring a DJ or entertainer. The ‘quality of sound’ will make the perfect mix shine a little brighter, keep the crowd dancing a little longer, and the socializers chatting the night away.

The Right Mix of Music.

Everybody wants to know the secret for picking the right songs to get people on the dance floor.  It isn't always as simple as putting a few favourite songs on a playlist and hope everyone will join in.  Finding the right songs that appease both young and old isn't always easy to the untrained ear.

Supplying the music for a multi-generational crowd requires a different skill-set than any other type of DJing.  Our goal, have your grandma dance like millennials and millennials dance like your grandma.  To keep the dance floor moving the music selections are crucial.

Below are a few tips that we rely on to bring the party to the next level.

  • 85% need to know the song.
  • Songs that transcend the generations work best.
  • The genre of music should change regularly.
  • Slows song work as a time to 'reset'.
  • Watching people who are not dancing is important.
  • Accepting requests is a must.
  • We understand that not every crowd likes to dance.
  • Reading The Crowd is important to getting the balance right.
  • Smiling faces, snapping fingers, and tapping feet are a good thing.
  • Never overstay our welcome on the microphone.
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