NightStyle Disc Jockeys


Looking to fill the dance-floor at your wedding or special event? Want a celebration that won't easily be forgotten? Our distinguished DJs paired with an incredible selection of music will do just that. Songs that get you swaying in your seat. Songs that make you feel like you've got to hit the dance floor. 'Tried and True' favourites stretching from the '50's to today's chart toppers making waves this year. Do you love rock, country, dance, hip-hop, R&B, swing, oldies, jazz, reggae, disco ... we've got them!


Let's elevate your event to the next level! We are experienced DJs with over 30 years behind us. Have a request or late night dedication? No problem. We seamlessly blend your requests into the mix for incredible an evening of fun. Our job ... play to the crowd and never underestimate the power of great music.

Working With Us.
The Right Mix.
Outstanding Sound.
Communication Is Key.
Professional Appearance.

We only have one chance to make a good first impression. Our DJs always wear the appropriate attire to every event. We also take time and present our equipment in a professional manner. Tables are dressed, equipment is nicely tucked away and wires are tastefully covered. A few extra steps that go a long way.

Detailed Planning.

Planning your event is crucial to its success. We are here to help to ensure you don't let a tiny detail slip through the crack. Our detailed planner helps to keep everything organized and running smoothly. Realizing that last minute changes can happen we remain flexible throughout our time together.

Guests Get Involved.

From "Purple Rain" to "Sweet Caroline" to "Speechless" and "Satisfaction" guests seem to love belting out the chorus to these and other great sing-alongs. We love it. What thrill to know when we have nailed it. Your event will be talked about for years as everyone shares the fun they had.


A celebration like no other.

Your wedding will be a day cherished forever. The emotions, the laughter, the stories, the fun. We love weddings and would love to be part of yours. Choosing the right entertainment is important as not all DJs are the same. The entertainment has a lasting effect on everyone. It has been said that after the bride's dress and the ceremony, it's the celebration that everyone remembers most about the wedding.

Our wedding DJ services make certain every detail is covered. We are here to offer our input knowing that no two weddings are the same. We know the importance of setting the music at an appropriate volume. Your wedding will be a day of socializing as well as celebrating. Need a little help with introductions, dedications, or announcements ... we can do that. We offer complete MC services included in every package.

Over our 30 years we have had the pleasure to entertain hundreds of people. Part of our success is the ability to choose the right music. We 'read the crowd' and build a playlist that's perfect for the vibe on the dance floor. The right music, timed perfectly for celebration like no other.


Planning a special event? Want to treat your staff to an incredible Holiday Party? We know one thing for sure, everybody wants to have a great time! Whether we're providing background music during the Cocktail Hour or getting the guests onto the dance floor, we promise to make your event an unforgettable one. Great DJs with the knowledge and experience to find something for everyone.

Armed with a huge selection of music, we have the greatest party songs and dance floor fillers. Tried and true party playlists that will entice the most reluctant 'I don't dance' friend onto the dance floor. It all starts with your toes tapping, head bobbing, and before you know it you're on the dance floor singing along to your favourite song. As you look around everyone else is singing with you.

The right music provides the soundtrack to some of the best moments of our lives. Knowing the right songs to play and when to play them only comes from experience.  It's amazing how great music can electrify an entire group.

To help put you in the party mood, we have put together a list of the 100 Best Party Songs of All Time. Use the list as get you started building the ultimate soundtrack for your stand-out event.

100+ Best Party Songs of All Time